Approved by NCVT , Running under PTP OPERATED BY NCDTE .

Government Industrial Trainning Institute Chapra

Approved by NCVT , Running under PTP OPERATED BY NCDTE .



It is a transitory professional technical course, which teaches you about various types of fittings. This branch represents the mechanical branch in which you acquire knowledge of different types of machines, pipes, and structures. This is decidedly a job intend course that enables the students to get many jobs in different sectors of the industry. For example, an ITI Fitter course provides you with knowledge of heat tempering, lathe work, drilling, grinding, and different types of bolt fittings. The course starts with basic human safety measures and advances into more technicalities of the job. This course is instead an interesting one as it is applicable in almost all the sectors of private and public institutions.


ITI Electrician is a 2-year course, approved by the NCVT (National Council Vocational Training). ITI electrician course is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. ITI electrician syllabus includes the skills in which students get academic as well as practical knowledge of electrical systems. After the completion of this, the candidates will have scope in various government and private organizations along with a handsome salary package.


ITI Welder is a basic-level course in which you get more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. This type, of course, is provided because the students can be proficient in one thing and take a job on that basis. The welder trade is classified under the Craftsman Training Scheme run by the Directorate General of Training. It is a tradesperson who perfects in fusing materials together. The course syllabus offers studies such as welding skills and metal working techniques used in the exploration of metal sculpture; oxy-fuel and plasma arc cutting, hot and cold working of steel, shielded metal arc welding, weld design, and finishing techniques; emphasized through hands-on instruction and practice with the opportunity for creative expression and practical application. It opens various job options for candidates after their successful completion. Candidates can get work in the aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, and automotive industries on a large scale.


COPA – ITI Course also referred to as COPA ITI is a basic computer training ITI course for candidates who aim at gaining knowledge on using a computer, doing basic programming, and surfing the internet. The full form COPA is Computer Operator and Programming Assistant. Under this course, any candidate could gain a comparatively good knowledge of computer programming, data entry, and using Microsoft Office. DOS, internet uploading, downloading, surfing, etc. Based on our experience, we recommend that people who love computers and aim at getting a job in a field related to IT should consider joining this course.